What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Libra/Virgo Mercury In Retrograde

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9 min readSep 12, 2022
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By Lacey Ramburger

Mercury in Retrograde is upon us yet again — just in time to kick off the fall season. While this transit is often despised and considered a reason to run for cover, try to relax. Retrogrades in any planet are simply asking you to take a step back, reassess, and think things through before moving forward. While chaos, complications, and confusion are typically part of the process, it doesn’t spell disaster for you.

This Mercury in Retrograde, however, will be transiting two different signs — starting in Libra on September 9th and concluding in Virgo on October 2nd — meaning multiple themes will be coming to light for you during this time. Traditionally, Libra is a sign associated with harmony and relationships, whereas Virgo is often connected to our desire to improve upon things and keep it all together.

Take a look at your sign below (your Sun AND your Rising) to see what you can expect from this upcoming Mercury in Retrograde.


Your interpersonal relationships are front and center for this Retrograde, Aries, as Mercury transits your house of partnerships. This could bring up some much-needed conversations surrounding your relationships, though it may feel a bit tense. Things don’t need to escalate into a full-blown argument, though — just be open to listening and being honest without being brutal. Additionally, this Retrograde could unearth some past relationship trauma that you’ve been working hard to put behind you, but this is only to remind you of where you’ve come from and where you want to go. As Mercury moves into Virgo and makes its way into your 6th house of health and habits, you may feel a bit out of sorts regarding your everyday routines. Don’t panic, though — just take a breath and start working your way back a little at a time. Small progress is still progress.


It’s time to revisit how you take care of yourself, Taurus. Often labeled a creature of habit, it’s no surprise that you have likely drawn close to specific structures that bring you comfort. However, this retrograde is asking you to reevaluate these things and ask if they truly are helping you in the long run. There is nothing wrong…

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