This Is The Kind Of Guy You Shouldn’t Wait For

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3 min readMar 21, 2022
Jeswin Thomas

By Kirsten Corley

The guy who keeps you waiting by your phone, even though you know he read it.

The guy who continues to reschedule or cancel because he doesn’t care enough to make you a priority.

The guy who messes with your head and sends you mixed signals about how he feels.

The guy who doesn’t tell you there’s someone else when clearly there is and he’s trying to hide it.

The guy who ignores your text then blows up your newsfeed.

The guy who says he likes you and cares about you but not enough to show it.

The guy who uses the excuse that ‘it’s not a good time right now.’

The guy who is an expert at sorry.

The guy who won’t take you on a real date. And would rather just ‘hang out.’

The guy who uses the excuse ‘he’s not ready for a relationship right now.’ What he’s really saying is he’s not ready for a relationship with you.

The guy who blames his ex for the fact he has trust issues like it’s your job to make him feel secure. The only reason he questions what you do is probably because he’s doing the same thing too.

The guy who doesn’t want you to meet his parents and every time you bring it up he someone changes the subject.

The guy who only ever wants to see you after a night out but never lets you stay long in the morning.

The guy who swears one day you guys will get it right but not now.

The guy who has mastered the art of keeping lines blurry.

The guy who wants the physical parts of a relationship but won’t emotionally commit.

The guy who is unsure about everything else in his life. Where he’s going? What he’s doing? If he’s not sure of things in his own life he’s never going to be sure of you.

The guy who makes you feel like it’s a competition between you and someone else.

The guy who makes you wonder how he feels and doesn’t add confidence that you’re one he cares about.

The guy who leaves you in the dark about big decisions that might impact both of you.



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