These Are The Zodiac Couples Most Likely To Clash (And How They Can Still Make It Work)

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6 min readMar 16, 2021
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By Lacey Ramburger

Aries and Cancer

Why they clash: Cancer is home oriented, a bit of an old soul, and isn’t a fan of unpredictability. Aries is spontaneous, constantly on the move, and can be unnecessarily blunt at times. Cancers are nurturers at heart, and so this relationship can often resemble more of a parental nature than a romantic one. While they may care for each other, their most basic and foundational desires don’t line up, and while Cancers may try to bend a little for the Aries, Aries’ stubborn nature means they won’t really return the favor. Cancers are sensitive and will take it personally if the Aries continuously dismisses what they want, and it will likely lead to explosive arguments- Aries will likely say harsh things they can’t take back, which will crush their Cancer partner.

How it can still work: If these two can find a way to manage their extreme emotions, this can stand a chance. Aries has to be quick to not react angrily, and needs to respect Cancer’s desire to build a home and connection together. Cancers need to make sure they voice their needs and wants to Aries, and do so in a way that isn’t accusatory. If they can work out exceptional communication skills, these two could create a diverse, exciting, full-spectrum relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Why they clash: Sagittarius is a free-spirit who refuses to be tied down. Taurus is someone who creates their perfect bubble and rarely wants to leave it. Taurus wants security and stability, Sags want freedom and unpredictable circumstances. They have different ideas of how to live and what’s important- where Taurus focuses more on pulling life into their personal space, Sagittarius wants to explore everything life has to offer- and it puts them at odds often.

How it can still work: If these two take the time to be friends for an extended period of time. Despite their differing views, Sagittarius and Taurus are both supportive signs who desire to bring out the best in others- even if they don’t entirely understand the other person. Taurus is a dedicated steadfast sign that will always come through for those they care about- Sagittarius signs do enjoy…

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