Seeing 111? 333? These Are Angel Numbers And The Sequences Are Meaningful

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4 min readSep 5, 2021

By January Nelson

What are angel numbers? And what do angel numbers mean?

Angel Numbers, Explained

Do you always see repeating numbers, no matter where you look? You should pay attention to what you are thinking, doing or planning at these times — the numbers are trying to guide you.

Your brain sees more than what you consciously focus on. It does this important filtering process so that you can keep your attention on one thing at a time. Psychologically speaking, this has been called a number of things, including The Baader-Meinhof Complex, selective attention, and confirmation bias. Basically, your brain seeks out what it wants to see to affirm itself.

So why does it keep seeking out repeating numbers? The first reason could be because you’re priming yourself to want to see them, because they have a significance to you. This is your own way of affirming yourself, and it is very powerful. However, other people call these “angel numbers,” because it is believed that subtle nonphysical energies can call your attention to them when they want to send a message.

Here is what each number series, or angel number series, is believed to represent:


You are on the right path.

When you see 111, consider it your way of telling yourself that if you continue on the way that you are, you will reap the benefits soon enough. 111 is often considered the highest and most divine of all the numbers, because it is the purest (for example, if duality is represented by 2, then oneness, the ultimate truth of the universe, is 1).


You need to choose wisely.

The number 2 represents duality (day and night, good and evil, and so on). When you continually see the number 2 pop up, it means that you need to be mindful of focusing more on what you do want than on what you don’t. If you aren’t careful, you may end up holding yourself back more than you realize.


You are coming into perfect alignment.



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