I Don’t Tolerate Bullsh*t In Relationships Anymore

If you mistreat me in any way, I am going to walk away from you.

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Susan Flores

By Holly Riordan

I used to say sorry ten times per day. I used to accept apologies and dole out forgiveness without even thinking the situation through. I used to allow the people I cared about to walk all over me without once raising my voice in self-defense.

I used to put up with bullshit — but not anymore.

I’m not the kind of person who is going to stick around for long if you treat me poorly. I am going to come to my senses early on. I am going to walk away without feeling guilty about any time or money you might have spent on me. I am going to keep my standards high, because even though I still have the same insecurities from my past, one thing has changed. I know my self-worth. I know how much I deserve.

If your stories are not adding up or I catch you lying to me, I am going to call you out on it. I am not going to pretend everything is fine when you are screwing me over. I am not going to let you get away with your games.

I’m not interested in drama. I’m not going to get into screaming matches with you every other day. If you cause me too much stress, then I am going to decide you are not worth my trouble. I cannot date someone immature, someone who refuses to take responsibility for themselves.

If you lead me on for too long, I am going to walk away from you.

If you cheat on me, I am going to walk away from you.

If you mistreat me in any way, I am going to walk away from you.

I occasionally give out second chances, but I do not give out third ones. I will not talk myself into giving you the benefit of the doubt when you have already hurt me before. I will not let you get away with treating me like shit because I have feelings for you and don’t want to lose you.

I used to let others do anything they wanted to me because I was terrified of not being liked back, of being abandoned, of ending up alone. But I don’t give a fuck about any of those things anymore.

I am happier on my own than surrounded by people who are fake, people who are liars, people who pick and choose when to pay attention to me. I don’t need anyone like that in my life. I don’t have the patience anymore.

I used to be the sweetheart who would say that’s okay even when it wasn’t. I used to be the angel who never stayed mad. I used to be the saint who sacrificed for others, even when they wouldn’t lift a finger to help me.

I used to get screwed over — but those days are behind me.

I am not the good guy anymore. Now, I am the person who refuses to tolerate bullshit.



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