Here’s To The Girls Who Are A Lot To Handle

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4 min readAug 12, 2022
Khalid Benfanich

By Kendra Syrdal

Here’s to the girls who are a lot to handle.

Who are loud and unapologetic. Who laugh without worrying if someone is taking a picture and they have a double chin and laugh lines. Who speak their minds without giving a second thought about the reaction of whoever hears. Who say what they want and never ask for permission if it feels right. Who speak from the heart and know that’s a good thing.

Here’s to the girls who are a bit too much.

Who wear their hearts on their sleeves and do not apologize for bleeding on your shirt when you cross paths. Who say what they mean and mean what they say. Who do not hide behind “playing games” and “just talking” and “no labels.” Who ask for what they need even if it’s difficult to swallow.

Here’s to the girls who are “not like other girls.”

Who reject that headline because, what the fuck does it even mean. Who don’t worry about their femininity being this or that, here nor there, enough or not enough. Who don’t worry about being like anyone else just because of a vagina and simply do them. Who are who they are and nothing else and no label can ever express that.

Here’s to the girls who can’t be tamed.

Who are absolutely unconcerned with fitting into a box just because a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a partner or their parents or society has told them it’s where they belong. Who choose to run, and if someone runs along with them it’s a blessing but not a requirement. Who live their lives with freedom and fire and do not worry about bothering anyone with the heat.

Here’s to the the girls who defy expectations.

Who do not wait for a ring on their finger or a relationship status on Facebook because they know it’s the least interesting thing about them. Who do what they want with their bodies and pay no mind to words like “slut” or “whore” or “ladylike” because they know those words hold no weight. Who decide to be quieter and selective and refuse to give value to words like “prude” or “uptight” or “boring” because they know how little words from uninformed places matter. Who are unequivocally themselves.

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