For All The Women Broken By An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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4 min readSep 6, 2019
Jack Antal

This is for you, the one whose soul is weary, whose heart is battered, whose wounds may be invisible but just as devastating. The one who is tired of the endless, nonsensical arguments. The one is exhausted from trying to salvage something that is slowly killing her day in and day out. I want you to remember your worth and purpose in this world. I want you reawaken to your power.

I want you to know that it is okay to leave the people who are harming you. It is okay to not be okay for a while. It’s okay to take the time to be alone and rebuild the life you seek.

I want you to savor the beauty of your solitude, no matter what your relationship status. I want you to be a fighter in a world that teaches women they are only valuable if they are chosen by a man. I want you to inspire those around you by speaking so gently and lovingly to yourself that the cruelty and judgment of others melts away into the distance. I want all your naysayers to be overshadowed by the wildness of your strength. I want you to be the warrior woman they never saw coming.

I hope you learn to be enthralled by the sound of your own heartbeat. The one that reminds you that you are alive, that your life is meaningful, that you were divinely guided into this existence to change this world, to change yourself, to change the lives of those struggling like you.

I hope you learn to fall in love with the sound of your feet walking away from the things not meant for you. I hope you learn to fly rather than clinging to the people only interested in clipping your wings.

I hope you get to create the life of your dreams, because you deserve it. Within you is a light that is brighter than the belittling words of those who are afraid of your potential. Within you is an entire universe, just waiting to be built.

The one they said you weren’t capable of creating. The one they tried to fan the flames of before it even had a chance to ignite a spark.

I hope you channel all of your adversity into your catharsis. I hope this crucifixion becomes a platform for your resurrection. I hope you rise above your doubts and your fears to remember how infinite you really are.

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