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jasmin chew

By Brianna Wiest

Heartbreak is a hard thing, but it’s not a forever thing, and you will experience a disproportionate amount of it when you’re young.

While you’re moving from relationship to relationship, working on finding the person with whom you’ll stay long-term, you’ll have to cope with not just…

RODNAE Productions

By Lacey Ramburger

Aries: Mars

Mars is the planet of action and drive, which clearly holds a strong influence over Aries. Aries is a sign full of initiative and determination–which makes perfect sense given Mars’ association with war, passion, and ambition. They may have a bit of a temper, but they blow…

Mustofa Rizky

By Rania Naim

The truth is sometimes we make too many excuses for those we love. We make excuses to buy ourselves more time with them. We make excuses because we want to believe that they are not like the ones before. …

Julia Volk

By Rania Naim

When you heal your heart, you think twice before giving it away again. You don’t just jump right in like you used to anymore. You don’t take the same risks because you know how long it took you to heal your heart alone without anyone’s help. It…

Davide De Giovanni

By Holly Riordan

1. You should be proud of yourself for choosing the single life. It’s so much easier to pretend the wrong relationship is right than to admit the truth. It’s so much easier to stay in a relationship that feels comfortable than to start from scratch. You should…

Simon Blyberg

By Marisa Donnelly

I needed you.

I needed you to calm me down, to hold my hand, to wipe the tears from my cheeks, to pull me into one of those huge, warm hugs of yours and squeeze the sadness from my body like a wrung out sponge. I needed…


By Brianna Wiest

There are certain things we are conditioned to see as objectively and wholly good.

Success is one of them.

We imagine that finally arriving at a big goal we only ever once could have dreamt of — making a certain amount of money, owning property, landing a…


By Nicole Tarkoff

1. You took time to learn the other person.

You may not have had that magic moment where you first looked into your partners eyes and knew that it was ‘love,’ you may not have had that initial ‘spark.’ But what you did have was an interest, an interest to get to know this person for…

Valeriia Miller

By Heidi Priebe

1. You hold other people to standards that you don’t meet yourself.

You want someone who’s well traveled, financially secure and in possession of abs that one could grate cheese on. But you fit none of those requirements yourself. …

Anna Nekrashevich

By Kirsten Corley

1. Apologizing more than they should.

Anyone who has come out of one of these relationships is used to taking ownership of entire relationships. They are used to being at fault. …

Thought Catalog

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