8 Weird Things An Overthinker Will Do If They Like You

Find little details about you online to awkwardly insert into conversation.

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3 min readSep 18, 2023
Bruno Cervera

By Chelsea Fagan

1. Not speak to you at all.

I know this seems counterintuitive, but it really is one of the most most important signs that an overthinker is into you. While on the outside they may be shifty-eyed and totally silent, on the inside they are a bubbling hot spring of emotions, second-guessing, and wondering if they can casually rub their pinkie against your pinkie without you picking up on it. Often they will look at you intensely, seem as though they’re about to say something, and then immediately look away or talk to someone else. This is a sign of affection.

2. Practice how to say “hello” a hundred times, then inevitably fuck it up.

If an overthinker likes you, chances are 130 percent that they have spent at least one full shower practicing the perfect, casual, seductive way to greet you. They were probably thinking something between “Hey you” and “What’s up,” and when they finally run into you, they’re liable to cough awkwardly and say something like “Hey what’s!” and when you’re like “Huh?” they start walking into the other direction.



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