8 Rules For Change That Only People Who Aren’t Afraid Of It Know

It can take a very long time to adjust to change.

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Zeynep Gül Ceylan

By Heidi Priebe

1. It’s never comfortable at first.

No choice feels like the right choice in the beginning — that’s the cardinal rule of change. Think it as the same type of soreness that surfaces when you try a new workout routine — your muscles need time to adjust. And when you make a change, so does your mind. There’s going to be resistance at first. But all the good stuff is on the other side of that initial discomfort — if you let it stop you from the get-go you’re never going to see what amazing results could follow.

2. It’s going to call on skills you may not have yet.

Change is, by definition, going to demand a different version of yourself — one you may not be familiar with yet. This can be a cause for either panic or celebration. The bad news is that you may trip up as you step into a new set of shoes. The good news is that you get the incredible opportunity to grow into them — should you decide to take it.

3. Change is an investment, not a form of instant gratification.

Change isn’t necessarily going to make you happy on a day-to-day basis but it can and will pay off in the future if you’re doing it right. Sometimes the knowledge that things are on their way up is all the instant gratification you’ll get.

4. Frustration is a natural part of the process.

There is not a single transition on earth that does not frustrate us at one point or another. Some people use the frustration as an excuse to give up. Others recognize it for what it is — a normal reaction to a novel circumstance. Our brains get exasperated when they’re constantly encountering new stimuli — if we can only learn to be patient and kind with ourselves, adjusting to change becomes infinitely simpler.

5. Even good change is uncomfortable.

There is almost no change out there that isn’t a bit awkward at first. From meeting the love of your life to landing…



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