8 Concrete Signs You And Your Partner Are Wildly Compatible

In a healthy, compatible relationship, you should feel accepted by your partner.

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3 min readJan 26, 2024
Alina Rossoshanska

By Kelly Peacock

Here are 8 concrete signs you and your partner are wildly compatible.

You share values, lifestyle preferences, and interests.

Compatibility often revolves around things shared between you and your partner: values, hobbies, personal interests, and lifestyles. It’s not necessary to share everything with your partner — you can have different interests and hobbies. But so long as you have the same core values, fundamental principles, and lifestyles, then you have a strong, compatible connection.

You communicate properly and have effective conflict resolution.

Communication in a relationship is about talking to one another about real things and having deep, tough conversations. It’s about handling disagreements in a respectful, constructive way. It’s about communicating concerns, feelings, needs, and fears honestly and openly and listening and responding to one another openly and respectfully.



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