8 Concrete Signs You And Your Partner Are Wildly Compatible

In a healthy, compatible relationship, you should feel accepted by your partner.

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Alina Rossoshanska

By Kelly Peacock

Here are 8 concrete signs you and your partner are wildly compatible.

You share values, lifestyle preferences, and interests.

Compatibility often revolves around things shared between you and your partner: values, hobbies, personal interests, and lifestyles. It’s not necessary to share everything with your partner — you can have different interests and hobbies. But so long as you have the same core values, fundamental principles, and lifestyles, then you have a strong, compatible connection.

You communicate properly and have effective conflict resolution.

Communication in a relationship is about talking to one another about real things and having deep, tough conversations. It’s about handling disagreements in a respectful, constructive way. It’s about communicating concerns, feelings, needs, and fears honestly and openly and listening and responding to one another openly and respectfully.

Healthy communication is crucial for any relationship. If you can handle conflicts and communicate openly and honestly, it’s a positive sign of compatibility.

There is mutual respect.

A healthy, compatible relationship allows for both people to feel respected and safe enough to express their feelings, concerns, boundaries, and emotions. A healthy, compatible relationship is when both parties respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

You’re emotionally compatible.

If you and your partner can empathize with each other’s feelings, be supportive and a good listener, and provide emotional support, it’s a positive indicator that you are emotionally compatible.

You’re not attached at the hip.

When two people are attached at the hip, it’s not necessarily an indication that they’re compatible and in love. In fact, it might really just be codependency and…



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