7 Concrete Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic

You notice controlling or manipulative behavior.

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By Charlotte Freeman

Healthy relationships are built on so much more than love alone. Of course, love is the foundation of a relationship, but the truth is, you need so much more than love to make something work. While love is undeniably significant, it should never overshadow the other (just as important) factors such as communication, respect, and trust.

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to toxic love when you are in love with the idea of someone more than that person themselves and you allow yourself to endure mistreatment in a desperate attempt to cling to the relationship, despite feeling unsupported, unheard, undervalued, and unloved. But still, we somehow manage to put up with feeling this way because the thought of not being with them is too difficult to imagine.

If any of the following signs resonate with your relationship, I encourage you to reflect on your current situation and find the courage to understand just how much you deserve and take steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling connection.

1. You find yourself making excuses for their behavior.

Have you ever found yourself defending your partner when a family member or friend has questioned you about something they did that they didn’t agree with? When you are in a toxic relationship, it feels embarrassing to admit to yourself (and to others) that you are feeling mistreated, so you resort to making excuses to try to justify their actions, or sometimes you even blame yourself. You might say that they are just having a bad day, or they are stressed at work or just going through something difficult. The truth is, even if your partner is having a bad day, or if they are going through a hard time, that shouldn’t change the way you are treated, and no matter what someone else is going through, you are still worthy of love and respect.

2. You constantly feel a negative energy in their presence.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your mood takes a sudden dip the moment you’re around your partner? Have you ever felt the confusion of loving someone so…



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