27 Signs You’re Dating A Guy Who Truly Respects You

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4 min readNov 9, 2022
Helena Lopes

By Mélanie Berliet

1. When he introduces you to friends and family, his brief description of who you are makes you blush because he tends to exaggerate your talents and/or greatest personality traits.

2. It turns him on to see you express a strong opinion, whether you’re chatting with people you’ve just met or with longtime friends at a group dinner. You’ll probably catch him out of the corner of your eye, sitting back and smiling, as he watches you gesture like crazy to establish your point.

3. He defers to you on subjects you know more about and asks thoughtful questions about these topics because he genuinely enjoys learning from you.

4. If he’s the expert in a given area, he’s not pompous about it. If anything, he takes great pride in sharing his knowledge and/or instructing you in some way.

5. He thinks it’s endearing — and not a sign of weakness — when you fuck up or struggle a little bit with something.

6. He considers it an accomplishment when he proves you wrong about something because in his mind you’re right 75 percent of the time or so, whether or not you actually are.

7. He pushes you, sometimes beyond your comfort zone, to pursue your dreams and ambitions — because he believes in you that much.

8. He’s always as interested in making you orgasm as he is in getting himself off.

9. He has sexual goals focused on your pleasure, like getting you to climax multiple times, or trying out a new position he’s researched that supposedly feels great for women.

10. He gets a little jealous when you refer to other guys in your life whom you respect and interact with regularly — not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he understands your market value and he’s always a little bit afraid to lose you.

11. On the rare occasion he doesn’t like something you’re wearing, he manages to tell you without being offensive. In fact, he’ll package an outfit critique as a compliment, such as: “That dress doesn’t do your hot body justice.”

12. He’s not afraid of superlatives when complimenting you. You are “the most beautiful woman,” “the most perfect fit” for him, and…

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