19 Signs You’re Finally Dating That Someone You Can Do Forever With

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3 min readJul 8, 2022
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By Mélanie Berliet

1. You don’t check other people out the way you used to. The hot guys or girls you cross paths with aren’t potential mates so much as temporary eye candy.

2. You don’t even notice fifty percent of the attractive people you pass on the street because you’re so distracted thinking about your life as it is, with the person you love. That, or you’re busy envisioning your blissful future together.

3. Your default expression is a wide smile and sparkling eyes because you’re actually that content.

4. You find yourself thinking “glass half full” thoughts way more often than usual.

5. Some of your friends have noted your change in demeanor with a mix of confusion and envy.

6. But you’re so far removed from what other people think about your relationship that you just shrug and smile in response to other’s observations, even when they seem like little digs.

7. You smile at the barista who prepares your morning coffee, too. And say “thank you” with such enthusiasm, it inspires them to smile right back at you. It’s official: you’ve become one of those infectiously happy people.

8. You’re also way more forgiving towards waiters who mess up your order and strangers who accidentally bump into you on crowded subway trains or at the supermarket. It’s as if it’s impossible to throw you off balance, physically or emotionally.

9. The only thing that really gets to you is when you can sense that your significant other is having an off day, and all you want is help them fix whatever problems they’re having.

10. Your wellbeing is so intertwined with theirs that helping them is the only way to help yourself, really. You won’t actually feel at ease until they do.

11. But you don’t mind toughing it out with them because you’d rather be sad with them than untroubled without them.

12. You want to experience all the same things they experience — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

13. You don’t seem to need nearly as much alone time as you once did, because you’d pretty much always choose your boyfriend or girlfriend’s…



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