11 Signs You Should Dump Them Before 2021 Ends

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3 min readJul 19, 2021
Anna Shvets

By Holly Riordan

If you can relate to most of the comments on this list, then you need to break up with them ASAP:

1. You keep having the same arguments over and over. They might apologize for their behavior, but it clearly means nothing because they keep making the same mistakes. You aren’t growing and changing as a couple. You’re simply repeating history.

2. You dread the thought of seeing them. You’re more excited about the idea of seeing friends, seeing family, or even hanging out on your own. You would rather enjoy your own company than go on dates with them.

3. You’ve stopped being affectionate with each other. You don’t feel the urge to hold their hand or give them a nice, long hug. You would rather keep your distance, physically and emotionally.

4. When things in your relationship are bad, they’re really bad. Your partner doesn’t hesitate to call you nasty names or make you feel shitty about yourself. You love them when they’re in a good mood, but when they get into arguments with you, you don’t even recognize them anymore.

5. You feel like you haven’t grown since you’ve started dating them. If anything, you feel like you’ve only become more toxic. You aren’t happy with how you act when you’re around them.

6. You’ve been interested in someone new, someone you would like to explore a relationship with someday soon. If you’re thinking about this person more than your partner, you need to rip off the bandage before you do something you regret.

7. You are only staying in the relationship out of convenience. Because you’re used to dating them. Because you can’t imagine a world where you walk away. Remember, your history isn’t a reason to stay with someone if you’re unhappy. It’s never too late to make a change. Just because you were with them yesterday doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them tomorrow.

8. You’re feeling disrespected, unappreciated, and unheard. It’s one thing if your partner makes a small mistake. It’s another thing if they continue making that mistake when they know how much it hurts you. Communication and compromise are the keys to any relationship. If your partner won’t listen to you, then what’s the point of talking to them?

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