10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

Appearing to have multiple personalities.

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1. Fixating on people and situations that don’t necessarily matter in the long run; planning in advance for everything and imagining every potential scenario possible ahead of time.

As an INFJ, you’ve got quite the imagination (which makes you pretty talented at visualizing and manifesting things). On the other hand, this can be a recipe for disaster if you haven’t gotten a handle on your anxiety or taken the appropriate steps to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

2. Dissociating from the material world to live in your own head.

INFJs have a running joke about frequently bumping into poles while walking or tripping over their own feet because they were busy daydreaming or thinking too deeply. Unfortunately, this joke hits all too close to home. Going inward all the time allows us to be focused innovators, but it can also disconnect us at times from our immediate surroundings.

3. Reading the emotions of people and absorbing their energy.

INFJs are natural empaths who soak up the emotions of those around them. They have a knack for intuitively sensing what others are feeling and understanding what is left unsaid in social interactions. They can read between the lines, pick up on nonverbal cues and note the disparity between what you’re saying and what you really feel.

4. Having your guard up, yet desiring and pursuing meaningful connections.

INFJs are deeply sensitive personalities who are easily hurt when mistreated. That’s why many of them learn to guard themselves when meeting new people or letting people into their “secret” world. Since INFJs can be quiet and reserved in certain situations, they can sometimes appear cold and standoffish, especially when deep in thought. Very few people get close enough to discover the true core of an INFJ.

5. Using your intuition in a way that’s eerily on point.

Friends, family members and loved ones may call you slightly “psychic.” And, well, you kind of are. INFJs have an uncanny intuition about situations and people that goes beyond facades and surface-level appearances. They may have dreams and premonitions that come to life or gut feelings that, while at the time seem ridiculous, are later confirmed by unexpected life events.

6. Slamming the door on toxic people with a ferocity that shocks onlookers.

While INFJs can have a difficult time setting boundaries with toxic people at the onset, they all eventually reach their limits. The INFJ personality type is known for their infamous “door slam,” a phenomenon that occurs when the INFJ feels so violated by someone that they no longer have the emotional reserves to tolerate any more of their bullshit.

7. Being immediately turned off by insensitive personality types, especially ones that are tone-deaf and emotionally obtuse.

Blunt, unemotional people are a natural turn-off to this personality type. Because INFJs are so conscientious and tend to overthink and overanalyze everything they do and say to others, it baffles them that other people could be so unaware, cold, indifferent or downright unempathic. They are easily overwhelmed by bullying types who treat others with a reckless disregard or abrasiveness. The exception being, of course, manipulative charmers who can “present” a more gentle personality type at the onset, but later unmask themselves to be cruel and callous. INFJs can have a more difficult time detoxing from these types of manipulators simply because of the trauma this “unmasking” reveals.

8. Disappearing for days after just a few social interactions.

INFJs can appear very friendly and extroverted to outsiders. In fact, this is one of the most “extroverted” introverted types. Yet their energy can get drained easily by social interactions, even the most positive ones. They need time to absorb and process social interactions in a way that can appear somewhat unusual. They might disappear for days without contacting you or seem uncharacteristically emotionally distant even while physically present.

9. Being overly organized in some areas and highly disorganized, even neglectful, in others.

Being a perfectionist comes naturally for an INFJ, so they’re usually stereotyped as being organized, meticilous and neurotic in all facets of their life. However, the INFJ is a complex and contradictory type. They can get so absorbed in something that they neglect other important aspects of their lives or even neglect their own wellbeing.

10. Appearing to have multiple personalities.

If you’ve presented an INFJ with a tough situation, don’t worry — one of their personalities will be with you shortly. You’ll observe that the normally tightly wound INFJ tends to “unravel” across diverse contexts. This complex type has many different facets to their identity, many of which can contradict one another.

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