10 Little Things You Can Do To Show The World She’s Yours

Invite her out with your friends.

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3 min readMar 16



By Marisa Donnelly

1. Leave her something in a public place.

Maybe this is a note on the windshield of her car, a bouquet of flowers at her work, a special message taped or written on her bathroom mirror. This doesn’t have to be grand, but it’s thoughtful, sweet, and shows everyone around her that she’s loved.

2. Hold her hand in public.

Some sort of intimate contact — whether that’s pulling her closer, grabbing her hand, or putting your arm around her shoulders — claims her as yours. You’re not only making her feel comforted and cared for, but you’re expressing your love in a physical way.

3. Post something public about your relationship.

Social media isn’t for everyone (and it can sometimes be a big of a downer) but if you and your partner are comfortable sharing pieces of your lives, then tag her in a photo or post and flood your feed with how happy you two are. This is a public (but personal) way to share how much the relationship means to you.

4. Pull her in for a kiss when you’re in the middle of crowd, dancefloor, or event.

In the middle of the craziness, in the midst of your everyday lives, be intentional about paying attention to her. Even if this is just a simple kiss, it shows the world that even when things are busy, you’re still focused on her.

5. Bring her along to a family dinner or get-together.

Your family is blood — you’re very close with them. Show her how much you value her by bringing her around your family or introducing her to a sibling or parent.

6. Invite her out with your friends.

Showing her off and letting her meet your friends is a way to show her you’re truly serious. You wouldn’t bring someone around you had no intentions to keep.

7. Absentmindedly give her small displays of affection.



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